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Kai Kaden

Posted on February 06 2017


There's something primal and powerful about the smokey eye. First and foremost, the smokey eye has to be an extension of who you are as an entirely unique individual - even if that persona is sometimes your devilish alter ego. We're not trying to copy anything or anyone. The eye is universal, and our eyes are all unique. So when you create a smokey eye, you're making it your own signature look. Remember, there's no one right way to do it. You have to find your own groove and put your own spin on it.


There are an infinite variations on the smokey eye. Sometimes I like to go deep black, smudged around and smoked out - and maybe add in some sparkle somewhere for some glamour or drama. But many times I like to keep things more refined and alluring (as shown in this face chart I created above).

These subtle gradations of color help to create beautiful transitions between shades and parts of the eye. Building up in layers like this helps to create dimension and depth with the eyes. I used our Ultimate Smokey Eye Palette for this look but you can use any premium smokey eye palette or the right combination of single eye color shades.

A smokey eye done properly will make people literally 'catch our eyes'. So for me, as an artist, this is my objective, to grab attention but in a (mostly) subtle and sophisticated way.

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